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Previously best known for winning the Disco Mix Club World Team DJ Championship four consecutive years in a row, French turntablist crew C2C brought their unique electro-funk sound to the masses with their chart-topping debut album, Tetra.

Alongside the hit single "The Cell," and collaborations with Artist ("Because of You"), Olivier Daysoul ("Who Are You"), and Jay-Jay Johanson ("Give Up the Ghost"), there are also four tracks plucked from their 2012 EP Down the Road.

~ Jon O'Brien Affiliated with the Pacific Northwest crew known as Old Dominion, Grayskul (made up of Orny Ozbourne aka Count Draven and JFK aka Count Magnus) return with BLOODY RADIO on Rhymesayers.

Featuring a spine-tinglingly grim production sound that blends computerized funk with grinding, industrial drum-tracks, BLOODY RADIO may be as close as hip-hop has ever come to goth, as the two lyricists spin nihilistic tales warning of mass-media brainwash, government-ordered massacres, and an ever-approaching doomsday.

In fact, the lesson told by guest Abstract Rude pretty much certifies that the song is a fable rather than an autobiography.

Every once in a blue moon an artist comes along that is so interesting that they demand attention. His ability to blend beautifully crafted raps ("Originalz") with a sing song style ("Orange County") makes PJ an artist that is destined to be talked about for a long time. The originality of this artists' style makes it hard not to like most tracks. PJ is a very talented emcee whos dedication to the underground west coast hip hop scene is starting to finally pay off. This way color is added to the neighborhood and walls are kept looking neat, adding prestige and publicity to the building once It’s become a place of pilgrimage for Graffiti artists.Recording information: Cresswellian Sound, San Francisco; Playground Studios, Sherman Oaks; Sky Cave Studios, Echo Park; Technicali Sound Studios, Huntington Beach, CA; The Telephone Company, Los Angeles, Tackyland; Woodland Hills.I cannot recommend this album in good conscience to my youth group kids, or my own kids for that matter. Granted, it's MUCH better than a 50 cent, or Jay-Z, but I would have a few calls if parents found out I recommended an album with “piss”, or phrases like “where the hell is my crew? I think the album is a classic, just not a classic I can recommend to my church youth.

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