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The original table of organization and equipment (TO&E) included two organic infantry brigades of two infantry regiments each, one engineer battalion; one signal battalion; one trench mortar battery; one field artillery brigade of three field artillery regiments; one air squadron; and a full division train.The total authorized strength of this TO&E was 18,919 officers and enlisted men. Patton, who served as the first headquarters commandant for the American Expeditionary Forces oversaw much of the arrangements for the movement of the 1st Division to France, and their organization in-country. Coe, who later served as Chief of Coast Artillery, was the division's first chief of staff.Amelineau's excavation was badly conducted and badly published, and it was fortunate when, in 1899, Flinders Petrie obtained a permit to investigate the site once more.

The memorable years which gave Egyptologists their first glimpse of the predynastic period also brought them face to face for the first time with the earliest dynasties, which commenced areound 3,000 BC. Amelineau, a Coptic scholar with no previous experience of excavating.By April 1918, the Germans had pushed to within 40 miles (64 km) of Paris.mathematical physicist and engineer who was born in Belfast in 1824.He was the first British scientist to be elevated to the House of Lords.Maximum of 2 rostered C Players in any sanctioned group are allowed on D Rosters. Maximum of 3 rostered D (Silver) players allowed on broze teams. The upper brackets will include D and C teams as classified by 3 governing bodies i.e. Once a team inputs there roster on-line we classify your team accordingly.

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