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we have THE HUB (Stages , AJs, Grizzly Grill, Hoppin Eddys) and Queens UV, This is a great place to meet and pleanty to do , we have the greenest parks and consevation areas (great for BBQ and Picnics) lots to do here and lots of places to meet. I'm definately in if you/I/we can set up a time/place..about the Brew Pub...lotsa room and a nice atmosphere...anyway it's up to you to pick a spot..since there's different age groups here I was thinking "outside" the hub 'cos it would be difficult to talk at,say, AJ' not TOO loud would be super..maybe later hit the want to set it up, I could help if you need 530-2286. Cathythat would work but i promised a friend of mine that i'd go out with her that night to celebrate her bday.bad smiths falls wasn't bigger cause i'd say just come here :) lol kidding folks kidding.if anyone is up for it, let me knowyeah, so we should decide on a date and do it up, the brew pub is a great call, its a great atmosphere and good for people who are just meeting, a better place for a bunch of people to chat, whoever wants to can go to the hub later, 10 minute walk or 5 dollar cab...I see nothing has gotten futher with this??? set a date up say in the warm spring , and lets start it out with a bbq at a park , then move it on to the brass , or the brewing co , etc and the peel pub is a good spot too? to all the ppl on here who want to do this , with a date etc , and get a POST UP!!!! email me and ill give you a hand and my # , see where we can go from here , Kingston is he best city and I want to see this happen guys , chow e-mails are key, but you can't just mass-amil everyone near you - i tried that, and after about 6 or 7messages, it stops sending them cuz it thinks they're spam.

on this site for kingstoningions ans surrunding areas , then get more emails out and so on , ya ya I know talk is cheap lol but Ive done this with other sites and this seems to be the best way to go?? If you get 5 ppl a day, each sending amsg to 5 ppl, starting amonth before the event, and ask for an RSVP, and you should be able to tell how many ppl will be there.

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