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Red Tube has yet to return a request for comment, though Malware Bytes reports that the biz removed the iframe "within hours" of it being spotted.The site confirmed on Twitter today (Wednesday) that it was compromised on Sunday: It's not clear how deep Red Tube, part of the massive Porn Hub network, was penetrated; the site offers people accounts on its sorta-social-network so netizens can swap messages, share vids and whatnot. Red Tube is not the only porn site to have fallen victim to malware peddlers as of late.Welcome to the favourited section of the Porn 7 XXX website, a place where you will find some of the most loved porn videos available on the site!These hardcore videos are on this list because they have been favourited by our amazing website community the most – be it because they wanted to watch them later again, or just to have them at hand for a particular situation.Last month, fellow adult outlet x Hamster was found to be serving up a Flash file that exploited a zero-day flaw via a malicious advertisement.Researchers also uncovered a massive malware operation that had spread by way of compromised porn sites.

The site has enough adult content to qualify for the domain, but also some other graphic images of animals that viewers may not expect to see, according to a Huff Post interview with PETA's Lindsay Rajt.PETA knows how to raise eyebrows: The animal rights group's memorable campaigns have included everything from celebrities posing nude in protest of animal fur clothing to scantily clad women having an erotic moment with their vegetables to support veganism.Now, the group has pulled out all the stops by launching, a site featuring adult content and animal rights messages, all in one place.It is clearly intended to appeal to animal desires.The first thing you see when you arrive on its home page is a true legend of pornography, Ron Jeremy. Actually, that probably isn't the first thing many will see.

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