Consolidating itunes library external drive

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Individual files will adopt the file name format based on the disc number, track number and the song title.If you choose to prevent i Tunes from copying files to the i Tunes Media folder when adding items to your library, copying the entire i Tunes folder to an external drive won’t copy the referenced media files that live outside of the i Tunes folder.Once the copy is completed, hold the Option key on your keyboard and open i Tunes from the Dock or Applications folder again.You’d be amazed how much of your Mac’s storage is wasted on the i Tunes library.But you should make sure your external hard drive has enough space for storing your entire library and keep your files organized with ratings, playcounts, and other metadata.Here is a detailed tutorial about how to backup i Tunes library to External Hard Disk.First, be sure that all of your items in your library are in one place.If you choose to consolidate your i Tunes library, i Tunes will locate all music and videos on your computer and add it automatically, making the i Tunes consolidation process much faster than manually adding music and movies into one location. Find i Tunes Advanced Preferences: Mac : "Choose i Tunes - Advanced". Locate your i Tunes folder: By default, the i Tunes folder is located in: Mac OS X: /Users/username/Music Windows XP: \Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\My Music\ Windows Vista: \Users\username\Music\ Windows 7 or 8: \Users\username\My Music\ If the i Tunes folder is not in the default location listed above, you can find the i Tunes folder by following these steps: 4.

Depending on how large your library is and the connection speed of the external drive, it may take several minutes or longer to complete the copy process.

All those apps and media you have purchased and downloaded over the years pile and clog up your Mac’s precious storage.

But with one-terabyte external hard drives retailing for less than on Amazon, there are no excuses not to spring for external storage to move that humongous i Tunes library of yours on.

Is there any way to store those i Tunes files to my External Hard Disk ?

" Transferring your i Tunes library to external hard drive is a good idea to free up space on your hard drive, or to protect your library in case of data loss.

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