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Have you ever had to call one of these lil' hood rats? I am that bitch, I will pull up and find you Everything got my name on it Ring finger got his rang on it Don't nothing move til' I sign shit You might as be my side bitch You probably wanna be quiet Miss Cause I ain't never been tried, sis That nigga don't even know you No contact, no photos Never seen em in the daylight Do you know what the nigga really look like? Sonin' you bitch, you my child You living foul, you need to polish up bae Basic shit I don't allow And that nigga about to get his too Just as soon as I'm done with you Cause them other niggas might be for everybody but I'm who that motherfucker belong to So get it right bitch, I'm wife bitch And can't nun of y'all hoes replace me You proud to be this nigga cumrag?

That is not yo' nigga, shit [Hook] These niggas for everybody These niggas for everybody These niggas for everybody These niggas for everybody These niggas for everybody [Verse 2] I suck and fuck when I want to Run his pockets when I want Run his check up at Saks and Fifth That's what this good pussy do Came thru on dat late night Sent fo' me first class flight Follow me might learn something Stop trippin' might earn somethin' He won't ever love a square bitch Baby you gon' have to share him Ya' nigga been down with OPP I hate to be the one to tell ya I seen him in Houston with Lexis When he leave you he gone text me And I'ma ask him what that mouth do I can't help it that I'm this sexy See you might be able to cuff some But that nigga ain't gone be none of em' See, that nigga love him a bad bitch And everybody havin' fun wit him See that nigga ain't no exclusive Girl, you out here looking stupid I ain't being funny I'm just telling you that you don't know what you doing The type of nigga you pursuing Is the type that ain't gon' love you back He love what you do for him But he know I ain't doin none of that See, he know I ain't having none of that And I won't ever be his wifey Whenever you get out ya feelings bae You might wanna do it just like me See, me and my bitches don't save em We catch his ass and we throw it back Break his ass down like a pound When I'm done you can have him back Bitch don't play yo self ain't nothing bout that nigga golly He ain't just for you, baby, he for everybody [Chorus] These niggas for everybody These niggas for everybody These niggas for everybody These niggas for everybody These niggas for everybody [Verse 3] You say you'll never be his wifey As if you ever had the option The way dem tittes sag Milk that gon' bad bitch, I promise he ain't coppin' Everybody know you boppin The whole hood know you fair play That little change that he throw yo way Hoe, I spend that shit everyday Let me make some shit clear I'm fuckin off what you make in a year You ride in Uber's, I ride in a leer We not cut from the same clothing, my dear Talking that shit but bae must I remind you?

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